INTERCOOLER Setrab pro line

Setrab svensk tillverkad intercooler i extremt hög kvalitet. En laddluftskylare att lita på.
Alla intercoolers är 100% läckage testade från fabrik. Intercoolern säljs utan gavlar (endast cellpaketet med ram)
Finns i 25 olika storlekar.  När du vill ha det bästa på marknaden.
Technical Specifications  
Working Pressure

0-2.5 bar(g) dynamic

Pressure Pulsation Endurance 100k pulsations, 0-3 bar(g), 0.5-1Hz, 200°C air temp
Max Pressure  4 bar(g)
Burst Pressure 6 bar(g)
Leak Test 1.5 bar(g) (core) 
Working Temperature -40°C to 220°C

Corrosion Endurance

20 days SWAAT G85-94 A3
960h ISO 9227 NSS

Inner Cleanliness 

ISO 16232:10, CCC=V(B-K21/C-K18/F-K12/I-K3/J-K00), <10mg impurities total

General Dimensional Tolerances 

ISO 2768-v

Material  Aluminium alloys

Working Pressure
The range in which the cooler is designed to operate (above atmospheric pressure). The word "dynamic" implies that the pressure can fluctuate between the limits.

Pressure Pulsation Endurance
How many times the cooler can withstand pressurizaton between a lower and an upper limit. The Herz number indicates the frequency of pulsations per second.

Max Pressure
The maximum operating pressure.

Burst Pressure
The maximum pressure the cooler can withstand before bursting.

Leak test
The pressure level the cooler is tested at for leaks after the pressure test.

Working Temperature
The temperature range the cooler is designed to operate within. Operating temperatures outside of the defined range will negatively affect the strength and durability of the cooler.

Corrosion Endurance
How long the cooler can withstand a salt spray test before starting to leak. The test simulates the expected lifetime exposure of a typical vehicle to a mixture of water and road salts.

Inner Cleanliness
The maximum amount of particles the cooler is expected to contain.

General Dimensional Tolerances
The standard to which the cooler conforms regarding dimensions specified on the technical drawing.

The material the cooler is made of.